Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Blog's are bad-mmmkey!
I originally though that blogging would be fun and cool allowing my friends to catch up on some of my personal life? But after awhile I began to realise that blogs are just targets for comment spammers and persons who gather information about individuals.

Blogs are a bad idea as they allow ignorant people to post allot of personal information publicly for the entire world to see! I'm not a conspiracy theory type of person but I wouldn't doubt for one second that governments all over are not rubbing their hands greedily at each new blog entry?

Think about it; people post personal info phone numbers, street & work addresses, licence information, and everything else they feel their friends should know.

The average person could find out allot of information about any person in about 1hrs worth of reading on blogs. Allot! This information can be used for anything you can think of that would involve some sort of crime i.e. Access to credit information, school information, bank information, any sort of identity theft as well.

But what then would be the point of blogging if you had to constantly give access to "new" friends so they could read your blog? Perhaps maybe some information on ways to protect yourself by being more aware of the things you write about, though some how I can't see that ever happening just look around at all the cyber crimes still being done because people don't read or just don't seem to care until it happens to them?

I don't know, but blog's are bad-mmmkey!

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Thursday, February 2, 2006


I've come to realize that this memebot blog site is probably one of the crappiest blogger sites I've ever had the misfortune of using.

The entry deletion functions don't work worth a crap they end up deleting your entire post and NOT the part of the entry you want to delete. For instance there is allot of low life scum that come by here and post all kinds of crap in the comments section. I do my best to go through them all and ban the IP and remove the comments, however memebot fucks the shit up and causes nothing but more work after you delete 2 comments.

To prevent this extra work you have to disallow comment posting!? What the fuck good does that do me and my friends who like to comment on the crap I enter here?

I know I know, it's free I shouldn't complain... But with everything that's free in life you end up getting the shit that's left over after the actual product is finished and shipped away.

Ok I've vented and should be alright for another month until my next post...

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Tuesday, August 9, 2005

A Little Ill

I'm sick, stomach is all in knots and my head is spinning. Damn Scott gave me his disease! Everyone is sick around these parts for the last few weeks. I managed to fight their illness off from getting me for awhile, but alas, it finally got me. SHIT!

Oh well what can you do right? I feel a little better today but yesterday I swear I was as green as Canadian weed and puking all over the place.

The weather here has been fairly nice with highs of around 98o the humidity is around 85-89% right now. Today we had some rain this morning and a few scattered thundershowers but all in all it's been a nice day. 86o right now and a few clouds, calm breeze and very nice out. Doesn't seem hot at all or humid.

I got together with another member of my gaming clan on Sunday at the local watering hole. His name is Mark (yoUnit_79) and is a good guy, real nice person whom I believe I will become good friends with. Scott was sick and couldn't make it to the bar to meet him so Ed and I just went and had some beers and some food while talking with Mark. We brought him back to Club Ed so he could check out Ed's machine and play some BF2 on it. Now he's got the BF2 bug and wants to get the game but his machine might not be able to handle it, shitty.
We also talked about getting together and having a "LAN party" which would be cool. We also talked about meeting up with another gaming geek from around here that we play Americas Army with on a regular basis; he's from a different clan but seems like a pretty good guy online.

Scott's mom is doing better after her heart attack a few weeks ago (sorry I didn't write about it). He drove to L.A. to be with his mom and dad during her stay in the hospital. She seems to be doing quite well now which is good. We all around here were praying for her recovery, looks like it worked!

Anyway, not much else to say right now, stomach is still bugging me so I should probably go and find something to eat, might help a bit?

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Friday, August 5, 2005

Howdy Folks

Well hello everyone, I realize it has been a few weeks since I last entered anything in here and well, that is because I got lazy and/or couldn't think of anything to write. I've had quite a bit on my mind the last few weeks which I think pretty much took most of my want to write anything away.

I'm still in Texas and loving every minute of it. It is a very nice place down here and so are the people. This reminds me of something that happened to me the other day while driving home from work on 287 south. This dude in a fancy ass car pulled up beside me and yelled out the window with a huge smile on his face "You're going the wrong way!". I waved at him and smiled back. Kind of funny.

Last week I was very near to a plant explosion and dude was that some scary ass shit. Sitting inside the shop shooting the shit with the guys when all a sudden the damn building shook like an earth quake. It happened 3 times in a row before we heard the blast sounds. When we ran outside there was a huge black mushroom cloud and some killer flames about 150-200 feet away. We hopped in the truck and drove closer (smart thinking huh) to have a better look. I noticed when of the storage tanks swelling and told Kevin that the sum-bitch was about to blow. As I said that it did and damn that looked awesome.

You can more then likely read up about it on some news sites. Happened in Ft Worth on the 28th July.

I am staying with Scott's friend Ed and his wife and two kids now. Ed's got a kewl shed in the back yard that has sat TV, air, heat, bed, and fridge. We call it Club Ed, but now it is my pad. Ed and I have our computers in here with internet connection and all. It's a cool place, and the house is very nice too! Big ol' house 'tis.

Well, I'm not really in the mood for writing tonight but I thought I should come and update everyone with my status, so y'all don't think I was killed by a twig that fell from a tree in a wind storm or something. I'll catch up with you all later when I can get some time to actually stop thinking about other shit and concentrate on other things. Right now there is some bull riding going on on the TV right now. The stands are packed with a bunch of tards that enjoy this shit. :rolleyes: Going to go and find a good western to watch, ah here we go. Fist full of Dynamite! See y'all!

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Friday, July 22, 2005

Long time no posty...
Sheeesh it has been a long time since I last updated my blog. It's not that I never think about doing it but more like "Damn I'm too lazy to do it right now. I'll do it tomorrow. Besides its oven hot out and I'm not quite done on one side so I'll go flip myself over and finish cooking".

Texas is a very nice place; for the most part the people are very friendly. Which in some ways shocked me a bit just because Ft Worth/Dallas is such a big place, and the people have to deal with more assholes then not? Right now it's 93o out side. I just got back (home) around 1pm today because we couldn't do anymore work over at Robbins Engineering due to a fucked up Eddy Current Drive. They have to tear apart the roof of the structure the press is in just to take the Drive out so we can strip it apart and start replacing bearings and shit. And I sure as shit wasn't up for that in this heat. Yesterday we spent 12 hours over there in the heat sweating our ball sacks off. Which by the way brings me to say that I believe I have become accustom to the heat now? After spending 12 hours sweating like a pig I never blacked out once! lmao.

Anyway, we couldn't do anymore to the unit at this time because we need to run the press to properly calibrate it. But if the Drive is fucked you can't run it to long because the Amps start to get to high and shut the unit down, because of bad bearings causing too much friction and the circuitry for the drive has to up the Amps to keep the fly wheel spinning at a constant speed. The Eddy Drive is only rated for 30 Amps max. And at the point the unit shuts down the Amps reach 97.2, so it shuts down.

Kevin and I both are deaf as hell so we end up repeating our selves to each other, each time yelling a little louder. haha. Kevin is shocked at how much "common" sense I posses. I don't know if I have common sense or not? I know I didn't go to school to learn what I know, I just know what I do because ever since I can remember I've taken things apart to see what makes them work. I learned about electro magnetisms at like age 6 or 7 when I first got a battery powered car. It was one that if you never had batteries in it, but pushed the car to spin the motor the lights would come on. I thought to myself, "Ok, so if this thing ain't got batteries in it how do the lights come on? I'ma take this thing apart and see!" And thatís where my knowledge started. I may not know the names of the parts and shit, but I can explain in what little language skills I have how it works. But the deciphering of what I said is totally up to the listener. :D

I never heard of an Eddy Current Drive before and didn't know how it worked. But when Kevin drew a picture of the clutch assembly of the drive I knew right away how the clutch worked before he even started to explain it. Just by looking at the drawing he made. I was like "Ah, ok cool it's basically like an electromagnetic clutch. It works because you end up using a south and north pole betwixt the clutches to lock them together (even though they don't touch each other, but man if they did touch, KAPOW there goes your unit circuitry)".

Here is a quick sketch of an Eddy Current Drive:

Now I may have the poles wrong. To me if you use a n pole and a s pole it would attract to the 2 coils together locking them magnetically. Just remember that the two coils never touch each other, there is always a gap between them. Now if you used two s poles or two n poles they would detract each other (push each other apart, and not pull on each other). Something like this using two n poles or s poles would more then likely be used in devices that required friction free movement, like the new electromagnetic trains they are building.

So the above diagram shows two coils floating. One inside the other, when you apply a negative current to one coil, and a positive current to the other you get a north and a south pole electromagnet that tries to attract the two metal coils together. Being as though the two coils are static in horizontal movement, they never attract but instead cause a magnetic lock that works like a clutch/brake. By applying less current to the coils the lock is weaker, apply more current and the lock is stronger.

For an example, take two bar magnets and try to put the two ends together. If they force each other apart, or you can't get them together, then you are trying to put two of the same poles together and they force each other apart. Switch one around and they stick together. That is basically how these Eddy Current Brakes/clutches/Drives work.

Anyway, I'm exhausted today. Too much heat I guess. I'm going to go and have a nap.

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Friday, July 8, 2005

Texas is phreakin' hot!
He guys sorry it took me so long to post. But I made it to Texas fine and dandy like.
I met my friend Scott at his parents place in Colorado, like 9,000+ feet up in the mountains. Beautiful place and his parents are very nice laid back people too which was really kewl.

The whole trip there I was thinking "Damn this is weird, I don't know this dude from a hole in the ground, just what I know from talking with him online over the last 7-8 months. He could be like this anal rapist and wanna poke my chocolate starfish a few times before lobbing my head off with a twig and watching it beat me down the mountain at 50 mph while making bets with his dog which piece of me is gonna make it down first".

I drove through Montana and Wyoming to Colorado. Took me about 12.5 hours to do that trip, and another 3 or so to go through Rocky Mountain National Park. Which by the way I do not recommend doing at 1am. Scary as hell being 12,200 feet up on roads that have no safety rails. I was so damn tired going through there I almost went off a few times. Was freaky shit.
Got to Scott's parents town at 2:30am where I tried to phone Scott from a pay phone but didn't work, so I called collect to my sisterís place and had her call Scott for me. Scott came down from the Mountains to meet me at the store in the town. Was weird seeing him in person for the first time, and at 2am, dark as hell outside and damn cold too. I followed Scott back to his parents place up in the mountains. I was too tired to care about the house when I got there; I just followed Scott to my room, shook his hand as he welcomed me to the USofA and went to bed.

Got up around 9 am the next morning to meet his wife and 2 kids in a house I couldn't believe I was in, all the while taking in as much of the scenery as I could through all the big ass windows that over looked out over the valley. Was very beautiful, I have pictures that I will put up as soon as I can.

By the way, the whole left side of my body was burnt red from the drive. I looked funny as shit in the morning when I awoke there and looked at myself in the mirror. I had to laugh. lol. Iím pealing now though... yeah!

I went with Scott and his family to a free breakfast down in the town and had blue berry pancakes and some sausages. Was pretty good. After that we went to the ski park to look around and went for a drive around the mountains then headed back to the house. When there I met his parents and we ate BLT's. We stayed with his parents until July 4 (Monday, I got there Saturday morning) at which time we left back through Rocky Mountain National Park so I/we could see the park in the day. I so recommend anyone who comes to Colorado to visit the park. It is so beautiful (I have pictures), well worth the $20 USD I paid to get in, and, it is good for 4 days I believe. So 20 bucks for 4 days pass through the park is not bad.

It took us about 3 hours to get through the park. We then started our way to Texas through Colorado flatlands. Was a very boring drive the way we went, but we went that way because it was faster and didn't go through any major centers, mostly small towns and cities. Scott and I had 2way radios we used to communicate while driving though, we didn't use them much. At one time during the trip I keyed up and said "2 E CP!" (if you play AAO you know what I am talking about) hahaha funny shit!

While driving through the small towns at night the people were celebrating 4th of July by firing fireworks off all around, which was pretty neat to see all these fireworks going off miles away as you approached the towns. We finally made it to Ft Worth at about 6am just as the morning traffic was starting. Shit there was more people on the roads then there are people in my damn home town, amazing it was. I had to drive like a retard in order to make my way through some traffic to catch back up with Scott. Crazy shit. We got to his place, unpacked the vehicles and went to bed. I think I got up around 3pm and Scott and I went for a drive around the city. He showed my where his buddies lived and things like that. We ended up going to a bar to meet some of his friends and have some food and a few beers. All his friends so far are very cool people, I like them all so far. Hope they like me?

Well it is late already and I have to be up early so I will cut this short. I'll finish it up later when I get the chance. Talk with y'all in a few.

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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Good bye Saskatchewan!
Well the day is almost upon me to which I take my journey to the USofA. The First (1) of July (Canada Day) will be my day of retreat, no longer will I remain here to gather dust and grow old. I am moving on as time moves me on. Hopefully to something better then what I have here?

I'll be leavening early morning, possibly around 4-5am with my car packed with my essentials. (Computer and cloths)

Work was alright today, took for ever to end though. Oh well. Hey I have a story for y'all. The other day a trucker came into the Truck Stop with his brother, who was having severe pains in his neck and head. We called the ambulance, when they got there he was in major pain and bent his truck steering wheel from holding onto it when the pain struck. His blood pressure dropped really low just after the medics got there and he passed out, his heart stopped but the medics restabilized him and took him into the city to the hospital. While he was there his brother stayed behind to watch on the trucks in the lot. He came into the restaurant to get a bite to eat and to let us know how his brother was doing and what was happening. His brother was doing fine. The doctors released him around midnight. His brother picked him up and brought him back to the truck stop to his truck. He was fine, everything was good with him. Doctors did all kinds of test but couldn't find anything wrong with him so the released him after a few hours because he was in stable and good condition.

Well when I got to work today the Mounties where by his truck. His brother died last night in his truck from a heart frailer. The truck driver is one of the nicest men I have ever met and talked with over the years that I have worked at the Truck Stop. His brother went to wake him in the morning but he didn't wake up, so he broke into the truck and found him dead. Poor guy. They where on their way to Winnipeg to see the doctors because his heart was bad and there was an operation going to be done on him to fix his heart before it killed him. It was too late.

My condolences to him and his family. May his brother rest in peace.

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